Welcome to the website for the University of Glasgow’s research venture, The Bibliography of Scottish Literature in Translation (BOSLIT): Creating Digital Futures & Networks. This project, funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh, aims to rescue and secure BOSLIT, a digital bibliography launched during the 1990s and referencing more than 30,000 translations of Scottish texts since the medieval era.

In the following video, Prof. Kirsteen McCue, co-leader of the project with Prof. Lorna Hughes, provides a presentation of this ambitious work:

As explained by Professor McCue in the video, the present website and blog aims to accompany BOSLIT’s revival, raising awareness about the database, presenting the project, its team, and its network, providing a history of BOSLIT, publishing regular news, and commissioning blog posts from scholars, translators and publishers, discussing the significance of BOSLIT for both Scottish and world literatures.

Note: this project came to a successful end in November 2023. To learn more about the launch and other key achievements go here.